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  1. I had my mentoring meeting this morning and it was fine. I did feel overwhelmed by all the stuff she was telling me, but remembered that that's OK as these are still hard times. When they've paired me up with someone and I start seeing them, I will take it a step at a time and I won't panic. She asked if I'd like to work with a young person who is dealing with grief, or if I'd rather not and I said I didn't know. Then I thought about it after and phoned back to say yes, I will. It seems mad to not use the experience I've had to benefit someone else, if possible. I'll need to watch myself, of course, to keep myself appropriate, but I'll give it a shot.

  2. Yoga was hard, but I made it. Just missing a few classes has a massive difference at my age - I seize up so quickly, though I do regain flexibility quite quickly too. But no class on Monday as it's a bank holiday. After that I'm going to try to keep up two classes a week for ever and ever and ever.

  3. Daughter's birthday was good, I hope. I think so.  She liked her cake, which is of Katya, her favourite queen in RuPaul's Drag RaceIMG_6930 made by her friend Kate as a surprise.

  4. I'm nearly done on the measuring fluid intake - another 24 hours and that's it. It's such a fucking pain - I have three cups of coffee a day and I measured the pot, so I know that's 200ml, but otherwise I just have glugs of water. They want measured amounts, though, and specific times, so I measured a shot glass (75ml) and have been carrying that around, pouring water into it first, then writing down how many I have at a time. Except when I forget. Likewise with the piss - awful. I got a big measuring jug, because I want it all to go in the jug, not on my hands, but then I'm mostly out during the day and it was too big to take with me, so I bought a smaller one, but it starts at 300ml and mostly I do loads of smaller ones so I'm guessing really - volume in curved containers is difficult to assess, and again, sometimes I forget, but I'm starting to have a feel for how much. The main thing I discover is I drink all day and piss all night - bloody gallons during the night. If my bladder can hold half a litre during the night why do I often almost wet myself for 200ml during the day? Must be to do with lying down vs standing up, but wah is what I say, wah.

  5. I had a phone call from the manager of the recovery centre asking if I'll do an interview on BBC local radio next week, about the art group. I said yes. Eeek. It will go out live, so I'll have to try hard not to fucking swear. Look at this, on my Words with Friends game with K:IMG_6921 (Edited) It bloody is, you fuckers. You ain't the boss of me or my language. But you are of my scrabble game.

I am grateful for: a warm day where I had the right amount of clothing - I was neither shivering nor carrying armfuls of layers; nice time with YD; good cheap vegan lunch; nearly all the scabs gone on my leg - woo hoo, only seven weeks; Mrs Next Door looking after Shirley while I was out all dayIMG_6926

Thank you for reading.

1:00 a.m. - 04.05.18


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