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Short five (not that short in the end)

  1. I now understand why posties can go around wearing shorts all winter - if you keep walking at a good pace, your legs warm up. Not that I'm wearing shorts, just a thin skirt.

  2. I arrived at a curious outfit the other day - one that caused people to look me up and down, with expressions that said, "Really? You chose that?" which caused me to give them a cold, hard stare back, that said they could go fuck themselves, right here, right now, but then I caught sight of myself in a shop window... ah. It started OK, with my just-below-the-knee-length parrot-print skirt and a longish plain blue top. Then I got a dressing put on my leg which I wanted to hide and all that came to hand was my dark green yoga trousers, nice and baggy but with cuffs at the ankles. Not great with the skirt, but I'd been liking how the skirt swished about so I kept it on. But it then got cold so I put on my fake-fur leopard print waistcoat, but still not enough so on went the ugly, beige, duvet coat, which I now couldn't do up. And my short, bird-print waterproof boots and a woolly hat. And a scarf, which didn't match with anything at all, but is my favourite scarf. I felt OK until I saw myself. Oh.

  3. Someone I know posted a thing on facebook about a gig Patti Smith is doing in London - a one day outdoor festival in one of the London Parks. She didn't post for Patti, but for Nick Cave, but anyway, I asked if she fancied going and next thing I know she's bought us tickets, for me and her and my sister-in-law. Bloody awesome, the gig she's doing here sold out before I knew about it and I've been sticking my head round the door in search of returns ever since. The woman in the box office will think I've been kidnapped or something when I don't turn up any more. I have so needed something to look forward to.

  4. I got into a thing on twitter about Corbyn, the Labour party and antisemitism - to be honest, with the media we have today I have no idea what the truth is about any of this - I mean, Miliband is Jewish and he was the last leader - but since the accusation against Corbyn has led to a big debate about it all, I have seen some vile comments from people in the Labour party, who seem to have little idea how offensive their comments are. Much like Hoffman, Allen etc about the #metoo stuff - they just don't get it. Appalling stuff, shocking. So I wrote an apology to a Jewish novelist I like and follow who had been one of the recipients of my comments claiming it was all set up by the right to discredit the left: I want to apologise to you for thinking and saying that it was all a big mistake. I am aghast at the antisemitism that has been uncovered during the course of this debate. I hadn't seen it so I thought it wasn't there and I was wrong. I apologise Oh my god, she sent me a massive direct message thanking me for apologising and we went back and forth a bit and she called me a goddess and is sending me one of her books. When she offered me a book I wanted to reply that I don't want a fucking book, I want a left wing Labour government, but instead I just said that it seems very wrong to get a gift for not being an arsehole but yes please. It's in the post, apparently.

  5. Being broken-hearted isn't all about crying and being sad, it's about being broken, not functioning as you should. Letting down the people and animals that rely on you to care for them. Being useless.

I am grateful for: free antibiotics for my infected leg wound; the dog being asleep at last; Bloke cooking dinner; Son buying me breakfast after I'd been to the city walk-in clinic; an early night

Laters xx

11:58 p.m. - 31.03.18


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