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  1. Mixed weekend. A bit social, a bit solitary. It's Sunday night and I can't even remember yesterday - oh yes, friend D was here from Glasto, visiting her family and I spent some time with her in the late afternoon, which felt very precious - she has a son with a baby and a sister with a baby and a whole loads of in-laws, all living here, so it's hard for her to see us all, but she and I made it at last. It makes me sad that most of my best friends are so scattered around the world. I still have a few nearby but I'd live better if D and a couple more were here. Meh.

  2. Went to a National Trust garden with M today, to see the snowdrops and only discovered when we got there that it was really fucking hilly. My legs get so painful so quickly. It's been like this for a while but I'm mainly ignoring it or forgetting it until I find myself needing to climb back up a hill and I can't. Well, I can but it makes me hurt and stop and start so much I almost cry. I know it's the Peripheral Artery Disease because it stops as soon as I stop walking so the pain is blood pumping hard through clogged arteries. Fuck. I looked it up and it recommends all these things that I already do. Though I think what I need is to go to the gym and do more walking on the treadmill, a bit uphill, so I can control it and flush it out. But I have fuck all money. I need a cunning plan...

  3. I've become a bit anal about the use of the word America to refer to the US, since reading a load of stuff by some South American writers about how it pisses them off, America being a continent, mostly pretty different to the US. As I have family in Venezuela, and friends from various other countries, I connected with this at once, and can't ever not see it now, but sometimes I wish I could let it pass as it doesn't help debate, especially when I'm snitty about it. I mean, it is common usage, not an indicator that any individual thinks the US is the only place with any significance. Though that does remind me of the sleeve notes to the Phil Spector Christmas Album which started, "Everyone knows that Christmas is American..." making me refuse to play it for several years. Anyway. Moving on.

  4. I've let myself stay up too late again, for a person who was meant to be increasing her sleep. So I'll be offski, as soon as I've done

  5. another little paragraph to fulfill the entirely pointless and random commitment I made to writing five paras every day, or almost every day.

I am grateful for: friends like M and D, who know me and forgive me my awfulnesses which are legion; having a little dog asleep on my foot; lovely texting back and forth with Son during the day; yay for mobiles and keeping in touch; I just noticed the cat is asleep in the fireplace with her nose on the grate so yay for flameproof cats. The fire is almost out, but still. Idiot cat.

Night night xx

1:11 a.m. - 19.02.18


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