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Back to yoga today, first class after the long Christmas break (it may be the Buddhist Centre but it still closes for Christmas). Two weeks makes a massive difference - I can feel the calmness descending a bit already, but I had become quite stiff - amazing how quickly that happens as you age. I am going to try to do one five or ten minute session every day - I have said that before, not more then ten or twenty times. I did have a period in 2001 of doing a daily yoga practice at home, but that's the only time so far. Ah well.

Mainly at the moment I am beset by paperwork, most of which relates to ED. Benefits - getting them transferred to an account out of reach of her ex-partner, done. Arranging transfer of part of it to the care home to cover treatments I have set up, like massages and reflexology - not done. Renewing her Blue Badge - fuck me, that is a nightmare. Every time I think I'm winning I spot something else on the application form that I'd missed. I've been working my way through this list:

You will also need to attach the following certified documents, either as scanned documents or as digital photographs:

  • a recent, colour passport-size photograph

  • a document confirming your address, such as a council tax or utility bill dated within the last 12 months

  • a document proving your identity, such as your passport or driving licence

  • recent medical evidence of your disability

  • your award letter if you are applying under any of the automatic eligibility criteria.

It's hard to get a full-face photo as she turns her head away and shuts her eyes when confronted with a camera. I hadn't remembered that till I just copied that section, to be honest. Tomorrow I'll have a go. She doesn't pay any bills, but I have a hospital letter. God knows where her passport and driving license are, but I have now obtained a copy of her birth certificate. I phoned her GP about the medical evidence, only to be told, "We don't do Blue Badge evidence any more." What the fuck? What the actual fuck? So I have a copy of her care plan which refers to MS, wheelchair, feeding tube, hoist. I'm not really sure about the last bit - award letter? automatic eligibility criteria? I hope it's about her benefits - high level mobility - but I don't have a letter and I would have asked when I was speaking to them about the bank account if I'd had my wits about me.

So I was feeling crap about having not done that when I noticed this bit:

A certified copy is a copy of a document that has been verified as being a true copy by a person who knows you. They should not be related to you by birth or marriage, live at the same address or be in a personal relationship with you. 

Last straw. Honestly - this is just too hard. The care home is basically understaffed at the best of times, but currently the manager is on a long-planned five week holiday in Australia, and the deputy manager is on maternity leave. There is an acting manager, of course, but she has no experience of this as no one else in the home has their own badge, and she doesn't know how to deal with me as I am clearly intelligent and capable, up to a point, but the anxiety and depression is always lurking, removing my ability to sustain concentrated effort. I have been doing this blue badge thing since mid-December as the current one runs out on the 18th - you're meant to do it at least six weeks ahead, so I've blown that.

I want to take her to see this

but I guess we'll just have to get a parking ticket.


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