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Another five

1. I missed yoga today as I've hurt my leg. Not sure how I did it - I came in from the run on Friday, sat on the sofa feeling fine, got up and felt as if I'd been kicked in the knee, bruised and stiff. I could have done the yoga but not the walk from where I have to park to the class and back, but I REALLY don't like missing it. I could've/should've/would've done some at home but I didn't. I'm not going to do the running at the moment. It's too hard and, well, enough already. I'm only doing it because of the shoes, but fuck the shoes, they'll still be there later. My feet aren't going to start growing or shrinking any time soon.

2. My friend M who has cancer is not doing great. She was meant to have her second lot of chemo today but her blood count was on the floor so they sent her home with instructions to see no one, to inject herself with some shit and to take her temperature every five minutes. Scared.

3. It shows how my life is and has been that 2 can be placed after yoga and before something else. I have to put that to one side or I would be screaming myself into a coma. This may yet happen.

4.I had a nice afternoon out with ED on Saturday. When we left the care home at about 2.30, I hadn't eaten since breakfast so we went into the Co-op to pick up an egg and cress sandwich - the cheapest decent-ish food available at £1.60, wholemeal bread etc etc. The Co-op is pretty small, only just room for the wheelchair in the aisles, shelves piled high up past our heads, quite crap really but I suddenly spotted that ED was just loving it. She was craning her neck to see up and around, grinning like a mad woman and generally looking like she was at a party - of course she was, she's been nowhere but her bed and the unit at the hospital for fucking months and this was somewhere new and different. Different sounds and shapes and colours. I tend to forget that she has not much memory and not much vision, so big sensory input is vital and significant. But once reminded I remembered and off we went to experience as much sensual variety as can be found in a dull south coast town.

Just along the road a bit we came across this lot, which perked us up a treat. That is ED looking quite perky, I promise you. Not sure if the video will still be there when I post this.


Then we went to the dept store and sprayed Yves St Laurent's Rive Gauche perfume about the place - I used to wear that, back in the day before I knew better and it resonated massively to small it again. Ach, we went everywhere, in  a big supermarket, a charity shop, a run-down mall and finally to the pier which was virtually invisible under a thick fog:




and along the prom where the sun came out a bit:


5. It's all a bit grim really. I'm seeing the Victim Support people in the morning and feel very sick at heart about it all.  Hey ho. This is a painting I did at Friday art, trying to use the technique I saw on the painting programme on the telly, but not really getting it right.




So that's it. Off to bed I go. I am grateful for: friends; family; the NHS; art; sunshine


Sleep tight, dear hearts xxx

12:05 a.m. - 14.03.17


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