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I just downloaded icloud onto my laptop, but honestly, I can't make any sense of it. It's one of those things where I know what each of the words means on its own, but here they are, strung together in a way that tells me nothing at all. I don't even understand the questions they ask about what I want it to do. Sigh. Big long sigh.


I don't understand lost of things at the moment. American politics.  I can't keep up to date - there are things I feel I cannot expose myself to - like the inauguration speech, but then I worry about what I don't know. It really is a choice between maintaining my sanity or being well-informed about current events, because what's happening is tearing up the foundations of what I thought it was to be human, to be decent. I cannot begin to understand how a person who has children and grandchildren can pretend that climate change isn't happening, that we don't know what's caused it and don't have some idea how to slow it down at least. For our children and their children - why would he close everything environmental down. So I turn my back on it, overwhelmed by the horror of it, of the nastiness unleashed by him - my friend Diane has people commenting on her facebook page that are so mean and full of conviction that the whole world is out to get them so they have to get their retaliation in first, and it's so scary. I've always believed that we were moving towards a society that works for everyone - we have a declaration of human rights, which just a hundred years ago would have been unimaginable as almost everyone accepted that the poor were there to serve the rich...


Ach, enough. I've spent most of today outside, where the temperature hovered around the freezing point, but the sun shone and the air was fresh. I went down to the canal part of the harbour  to take pictures for the walking 1000 miles facebook page. I posted that one yesterday of the seagulls and the sunset and it's had a gazillion likes and quite a lot of 'it's all right for you, living somewhere beautiful. It's crap round my way' comments, so I wanted to take some decent pics of industrial places. I mean, the sun rises and sets everywhere - so even if it's just twice a day, there's the possibility of beauty, but there's bound to be more than just that. Isn't there? So I took these





which I think are OK as photos. Then I went to the allotment with YD but it was really too cold to do anything, including make coffee as the gas got too cold  (don't ask me to explain that), but just as we were about to give up it suddenly started burning properly and we were away. But look - can you see that the pot is balanced on chicken wire? That's because the fucking manufacturers have shortened the bits that it should sit on, so that it now falls between them, directly onto the gas ring. this size coffee pot used to be fine, and indeed the next size down.  I expect they save quite a bit of money by making it really crap to use.



I do love being at the allotment though. It kind of got forgotten in all the other stuff and it being the dead time of the year for gardening - a time to be sitting indoors looking through seed catalogues - but spring will be along before we know it and it will be cool..


This is what you look like if you keep piling on layers of this and that without even glancing in a mirror. Comfortable.


And here's the video from yesterday - I uploaded it to youtube - #techno

I just love it.


I am grateful for: living here, by the sea; counselling this morning; sunny days; losing weight by just stopping eating crisps and panna cotta - ten pounds down since whenever - this side of Christmas; bed now


Laters xxx

12:26 a.m. - 22.01.17


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