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I read an interesting article about diary-keeping yesterday, with contributions from various long-timers (Michael Palin, Sheila Hancock etc), that has inspired me to persevere, whether anyone else is interested or not. (I know some of you are, I'm not fishing for compliments or reassurance, just saying). They all described the pleasure of re-reading the forgotten details of how we used to live back whenever, so I'm going to try and remember to include that kind of thing.

Like tonight, when GS said he'd like kebabs for dinner, I remembered a recipe I'd torn out of the Guardian for lamb meatballs (though they weren't my idea of meatballs), in fact here it is , very delicious and dead easy, but not really representative of How We Eat Now, so what the fuck am I on about?

So. Politics - getting shameful already. So much bollocks being talked. Who knows who Corbyn will turn out to be, neither saviour nor Satan, I imagine, but he's got the Tories on the run. If he's so 'unelectable' why are they all in such a tizzy? Cameron (or one of his flunkies) tweeted this: "The Labour Party is now a threat to our national security, our economic security and your family's security." My family's security? How fucking dare they? They put out this video today (only a minute and a half):

where the first two 'facts' are somewhat misleading. The context of the remarks about Bin Laden was that he should have been brought to trial - that's what we are meant to stand for, justice, trial by jury, not by media, and not summary execution. Calling Hamas and Hezbollah 'friends' was in the context of peace negotiations, language used to demonstrate an open mind, no suggestion that he embraces their cause. The bit about the armed forces speaks for itself - he's not saying get rid of the lot of them, he's questioning the wisdom and cost of attempting to be a world power when in fact we're a small island (or a collection of small islands).

The point they seem to miss is that their policies have lead to real poverty - food banks, homelessness, kids without coats and socks in winter, my teaching pals tell me, and no one else gives a toss. Ach, I'll try not to rant about this all the time, but we'll see how I manage, eh?

In other news, yoga was taken by a sub as Big Jim is off in Tuscany or Goa or some bloody idyllic place, so there were only six of us there. The teacher was OK, but didn't manage to take me right out of my life in the way that Jim does. I'm in the room, in the moment, when he's taking the group, and that's huge. On the plus side, when we had to pair up to do sitting back against back, I was with C, a rather delightful young man on the autistic spectrum who's also been going to the class for ages, and we bonded a bit, which I liked.

Grandson had a fab first day of college, which is kind of astonishing. My kids all bunked sixth form almost in its entirety, as did I, so maybe he's going to turn into the real rebel.

Today I am grateful for: somehow not getting rained on despite being out and about a lot - there were mentally heavy showers; the internet, enabling us to check out what people actually say/write for ourselves; some time home alone, which will be regular now, thank fuck; that group on self-compassion, and what I learned there about soothing activities, which I'm keeping up with (yay, go me); bed and hot milky drink, coming right up.

Laters xxx

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