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Monday night and all's well

I hate not being able to blog.

I've been beyond the point of being witty about how knackered I am because actually it's a bit scary.

Though just writing that down reminds me that I'm doing a lot of exhaustion-inducing stuff, but most of it's emotional and on-going and I tend to forget and discount it. I mean, moving house just slides right off my radar. I nearly bought myself a new non-stick frying pan today until I remembered I'd be moving in with Bloke soon, and I'm sure he owns one and I'm amazed that I could forget such a thing.

It's been a bit overshadowed by ... well, I can't even remember to be honest, but I bet it was good.

I haven't taken many pics recently, but here are some.

Sitting in the churchyard with my great-niece and my nephew's dog seems to be becoming a habit. This was when the church bell suddenly struck three:

This is a painting I bought from my friend Hilthe thrill

She asked me why I wanted this one. Here's what I wrote on her comments (Steve is the name she's given her depression):

"As the lucky Brit who bought the painting, I’ll tell you why it spoke to me. First, I love you, Hil, and have wanted one of your paintings for ages. This one though – I love the hills and the trees. I live near beautiful hills (called the downs) which I’ve tried to paint loads of times, but never got anywhere near right. This picture will remind me of an approach which will yield better results in future. Also I read your blog about walking up the mountain alone and I’ll remember that when I look at the painting, and how brave you are and how you fight that fucker Steve all the time and keep on winning. That’s just a few for starters. Happy weekend."

I keep trying to work out where to hang the picture. then remember I'm moving. I'm building up to doing a copy of it in shades of red and pink for my ED.

These are my remaining earrings:

I lost the other one of each pair over a very short period of time and I'm well pissed off. I don't care much about the green plastic ones, but the others were all gifts and their loss triggered all the important loss that I sit on. It's gonna get you - you either let it through or it bursts out.

I struggled at art class today

It was meant to be a still life - I was invited to select bits and pieces and make a composition but I just sat and drew what was in front of me, not understanding why I couldn't do it till I gave up and painted the bottles of paint and that was better. Looking at that now I know exactly where the line needed to be for the old rusty colander, but I couldn't see it this afternoon. This was about my fourth attempt.

Then I did some bits of dead stuff that came out OK as I tried less.

I am grateful for: Nice posts on FB today, including one from one of my Venezuelan sisters-in-law that I replied to in Spanish I think, sort of Spanish - I never did learn how to write it - anyway, I've felt loved today; Son finding a flat he can afford and moving over the weekend; YD being a bit OK; nice garlicky, creamy, nutmeg-y spinach that I made with my dinner; landlord on the verge of replacing the oven (no hurry, mate, it's all good, no, course I'm not sick of the sight of fucking pasta, all good round here)

Sweet dreams

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