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Sunshine and showers

I'm feeling pretty good today, as if I've been making healthy choices. Yay - go me.

Yesterday I mainly sat about in my nightie, talking on the phone to a succession of good pals, some of whom had drifted out of sight, but were always only round the corner. In the evening Bloke and I went to WelshM's for dinner, which was lovely and easy and relaxing. I was absolutely knackered, but that was OK and I perked up as the conversation flowed, the log-fire flickered and all was well.

Today I woke up quite early and proofread an interesting essay about migrants and 'social capital' - a new concept to me, described in the essay (in a quote from someone else) as "a form of capital that exists in the relationships between people. An individual's ties to other people that allow him or her to gain access to a broad range of resources". Like I said, interesting. From the same student as before, another one coming later in the week. All good.

My brother (the one I've been at odds with, who lives in this same city) and his family went to see ED today and he called me afterwards to report back. It sounded like a good visit. He had some interaction with SIL, leading him (Bro) to a greater understanding of my difficulties and a much kinder tone in his voice. He says they'll go again, regularly. Good. YD and I are planning a trip down here for ED - if I stay the night at ED's and YD comes early to sit in the back of the van with her sister, we can be down here by midday. Up the pier in the wind, for the smell of the salt, crashing waves and screeching seagulls. Meet up with Sis and one or more of her lot, fish and chips for lunch and back on the road by three. I have no idea if ED has the capacity for this, but she asks to go to the beach, so we'll give it a shot, sooner rather than later.

This afternoon Bloke and I went to the allotment, taking the perennials back up as they'd attracted every slug and snail out from under the decking and were in danger of ceasing to exist. I'm not sure if my lychnis coronaria will make it. I drew round it in red, but it's not really visible amongst all the rest, freshly potted on, to give them room to stretch their roots out:

while they wait for their new home to be made ready:

It was good to be out in the air on the side of a hill. This is the view from towards the bottom of the plot:

and this is from the top:

While I've been away there has been sunshine and showers - ideal growing conditions, especially for the fucking nettles. Which are stinging nettles, by the way. Not as bad as poison ivy, but itchy and annoying. We have a load of land still to cultivate - it's ear-marked for fruit trees and bushes, but we've lost momentum on that after the total failure of our raspberries last year.

I just remembered that ED suddenly said one evening, 'We should have a party!' and she's right, we should. On the pier - I shall see who else can be on the pier on a Wednesday lunchtime.

Today I am grateful for: the allotment; family; M&S dinners - proper food with no added shite; enough energy to know I'm going to yoga tomorrow; a cunning plan developing in my brain for a suitable sixtieth birthday...

Sweet dreams xxx

1:36 a.m. - 28.04.14


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