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Well I'm missing my diaryland peeps, though I am still reading, just too meh to be able to comment myself much. So I can double-post if I want and you can't stop me.

I'm feeling much more chilled tonight, partly because of yoga and partly because I don't have to get up tomorrow if I don't want to, and that's the first time since Tuesday of last week - far too long. I was going to go and visit ED, but I spoke to SIL who told me that she's behaving quite angrily, swearing to the point that other residents have complained, and throwing things. Although I don't like to think of her being distressed, part of me feels kind of hopeful (only kind of - I'm not that mental). Anger is surely an appropriate response to her situation and is encouraging, and makes the previous passive acceptance of her lot seem almost incomprehensible. But I'm knackered, me, so I'm not going till Tuesday. Christ knows what it's going to be like being with her when she's being 'arsey' (to quote SIL), I just know I need some rest first. I'm surprised at the swearing though - she's been saying 'frigging' and apologising for that for months now, although she always used to be as free with the fuckshitcunt as her mother. And I'm not worried about how the staff will respond - there's been anger expressed by someone at some point each time I've been there and it seems to be something they know will happen - they aren't fazed by it and nor do they hold it against people. If I hadn't been a teacher of teenagers from some shocking home situations, I wouldn't be able to feel such trust, but I know that you can do this if you choose, just let it go, it is what it is.

Anyway, I have pics, taken with my new phone that I'm now having to use as it all switched over today. I can send and receive texts, no problem, and make calls, but so far I haven't managed to work out how to answer it in time when it's rung, and have had to call them back, but unlimited free calls, so who cares?

Bloke and I took the bastard, bloody Bobcat to the vet:

as she's become very scabbitty which is apparently an allergic reaction to the saliva of fleas. As soon as the vet left the room to get the meds, she leapt over to that desk, bad cat.

I took these while I was waiting for my tyres to be changed:

Four o'clock and not dark yet - the season is turning. And how could I resist that reflection in this fabulous window?

I'm sure there was something else I was going to write about, but it's nearly half one so I'm offski.

Today I have been grateful for: having a laugh with the blokes who did my tyres; having walked 8,428 steps so far today just going about my business; Bloke paying for the vet; Bloke having seven consecutive days of work starting tomorrow, over two jobs which have both been up in the air until this afternoon, causing him (and me) no end of anxiety; yay - a day with no appointments!

Sweet dreams xx

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