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Funny blogging times - I come here, open the box and close it again, day after day. But hey, look I'm writing, now all I have to do is keep going.

I think I'm not writing because my emotions are back to being very intense but not reliably appropriate, and it's a struggle to keep myself the right side of the line. But I miss writing here, it's part of what I do, especially when I'm being 'best foot forward' out in that real world. Which I am. It's a total front, but what am I gonna do? I do want to spend at least some of my time with other people.

The main thing at the moment is the fund-raising for ED, which is rocketing along - we set up an online sponsorship/
donation account yesterday and a facebook page today and already there's 140 in there. Eighteen people have said they'll walk, plus ex-diarylander, and sometime Bob-sitter, Travelling Valerie will if she's still in the UK, so that's 19. This all makes me dance happy dances round the front room and cry a lot (obvs). But it's much more complicated than that, but I won't go into all that, not now.

We're set to walk ten miles along the coast, from pier to pier, which felt like a manageable distance until I went out yesterday, walking into the wind. Jeez. Really knackering, alarmingly quickly. We have decided to walk from there to here, rather than here to there, so we should have the prevailing wind behind us - bloody hope so. My sis is already back-pedalling on her offer of walking, on fitness grounds, now she knows how far it is. I think she is fit enough - she may be 57 but she's up the yard mucking out her horses every night, fetching them down off a steep hill - that should be enough, surely? I'm not putting any pressure on her, yet, but I will - she works in a big friendly office and could get loads of sponsors, even if she only did the half that would get her back to her house.

I've been walking 6,000 steps most days for a while now, but I'll need to get it up to 20,000 by mid-October - not sure how to go about that. There must be some kind of formula with distance and prep time, but I don't know what it is.

And I'm not worrying too much as I'm off to Shambala on Wednesday. It's the last thing I fancy right now, but I'm pretty sure I'll love it when I'm there and can relax away from this fucking computer. It's a tiny little festival, a fraction the size of Glasto, with no hills (hurrah!), bands I've never heard of, and loads of workshops - like yoga and craft and singing and fancy dress - and masses more. My fancy dress, I thought as I walked home today, could have an intercontinental vibe, if I started with my (European) flamenco dress made of African fabric. I need something American (in the continental sense), Australasian and Asian. By Wednesday, as that's when I'm off. Ah - my Uggs are Australian, though possibly, probably, made in China and I can wear my 'Make Art Not War' badge that Barb gave me when I was at hers in what I believe to be called upstate New York. Sorted.

My timeline on facebook is currently a mixture of stuff about ED's fund-raiser, plus the fracking which has been illegally almost started just up the road from me - protests getting crushed quite brutally etc- and the sweepstake I am running on Sleb Big Bro which starts here on Thursday. Not for money as that's too complicated to organise, but for the discomfort in having an interest in a contestant you don't even like, let alone admire. Or not, maybe you get lucky. We choose numbers relating to the order they go in the house, before they go in and before we know who they are. It's bollocks really, but it keeps me out of the pub.

Tomorrow morning it's more bloody dentist so I'm gonna neck a couple of lovely Valium and actually get some sleep this time.

Hope all is well with you and yours. xxx

12:14 a.m. - 20.08.13


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