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1. I've been cooking, but not alas, washing up, so the kitchen looks like a bomb site. There's one clean cup for tomorrow's coffee and then I may have to - well, we'll see how it goes rather than make some rash statement now of things I'll "have" to do. But I ate home cooked food, two nights in a row, mainly veg - go me.

2. Photo-a-day. Hm. Interesting times in Photo-a-day. Yesterday's prompt was 'grey'. As soon as I saw it I thought of my hair, which is not grey at the age of 59 (I don't expect my hair is 59, but you know what I mean). A couple of times I've thought it was starting, but never more than a couple of hairs at a time and none for ages now. So I posted this, with no tinkering:

#22 Grey: not me, not yet

and immediately fell into an existential crisis over the vanity thing and the realisation that at least some of my friends are probably a bit miffed that of all the people to not go grey it has to be the one who puts the least effort into that malarkey, and for quite a while felt incredibly anxious, regretful, self-conscious and idiotic for having posted it. On the FMS page, vast, full of strangers and therefore impersonal, the response was all about how 'lucky' I am. So I'm a bit interested at these reactions, at a pic of non-grey hair having all this value and significance attached, rather than being a mildly interesting quirk of nature. Also, I fail to understand how I can be so vain about the (entirely random) colour of my hair without that leading to any inclination to brush it, wash it or have it cut, anything other than rarely. I do paint my toenails and am pleased to find that instead of flip-flop lines in my tan, this year I have developed croc-spots:

Today's prompt was 'I drew this' which I hoped to do a new drawing for but didn't manage to fit in, so snapped this one from last summer:

By the time I posted on the FMS page there were some photos of things people had drawn, but far more where people had swerved the prompt one way or another, saying they couldn't draw. So I prefaced my pic with this:

#23 I drew this. I've seen many posts today with "I can't draw" type statements. I reached the age of 48 'knowing' I couldn't draw, but then encountered 'The Artist's Way' by Julia Cameron which encouraged me to have a go (she says if you can control a pen enough to write, you can draw, if only you can let yourself). I took up art classes and had a real breakthrough with a teacher who had us doing quick drawings of garlic with the wrong hand, with our eyes closed or holding the pen in different ways - suddenly I was freed up, especially when she said 'accuracy is over-rated'. I know I'm not a great artist, but now I can draw things which please me a bit - so could you!

(I know, cutesy exclamation mark, soz.)

Aw man, the comments and 'likes' have been so inspiring and uplifting and they love the story, which is true! Woo hoo!

It's really late now as I had to exise a massive load of drivel I wrote about Buying Some Cheese - for some reason I launched into a blow by blow, novelistic account of it, hundreds and hundreds of words describing every detail, but it was only buying some fucking cheese, no big pay off, nothing to interest you there, dear reader.

Sleep tight xxx

12:28 a.m. - 24.07.13


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