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Don't call a doctor - I'm gonna get better

I done good today.

1. Walked three miles altogether.

2. During which I saw doc, got prescription for duloxetine, had an awesomely invigorating acupuncture session, went to the art club (escorted to the door by TinyM), which was a bit weird, walked home and

3. did the fucking washing up!

Woo - go me. I feel like a different woman, but I have had to make myself not think about stuff by watching shite on telly. Every time I've thought I'll just check something out it's had me all agitated, so I'm keeping my nose clean.

Tomorrow I might (but no pressure, it's an option not a target) go to a knitting group that MIND have just started up. I need a few fucked up people in my life that aren't my child. Not too fucked up - it's all about a bit of parity amongst the demented. Too together and you always feel a failure; too fucked and they freak you out and/or do your head in.

I'd quite like to go to a knitting group anyway. I need to do something to counterbalance the amount of time I spend watching the telly and I kind of knitted myself into a corner last time. I don't have patience for the months required to making a decent garment (small needles + fine yarn = zillions of stitches and zillions of rows) and I don't have the skill for the detailed small things. I did knit a couple of dachshunds (weiners?) but I wasn't pleased with how I sewed them together - I thought I'd get better on the second one but I couldn't see how to:

and this group is led by 'an experienced knitter' which may mean what it says, or may be someone with mental health training who knows how to cast on and isn't scared to have a go.

Today I was here:

and here:

and here:

I'm so lucky to live somewhere beautiful, that's full of people who make stickers like that. I know this. I have lived in shit-holes where the only signs you see say 'trespassers will be prosecuted'. I do not take this for granted - I'm just glad to have had a day where my spirit was lifted by it.

Art club. Hmm. Full of proper elderly (not like moi, you understand), and one hipster-looking dude, who promptly shed all his clothes and took up a pose on a box, for us to draw him. Yikes. The instructor for the day was LP, the one from my last class, who's not the best of teachers, more an encourager (she knows me well enough to be a bit wary - I was probably remembered as the one who did the weeping and fleeing), and I didn't really know where to start.

Quickly, I decided. In a spirit of full disclosure, and the knowledge that the model's identity is not compromised by any canny accuracy, here are some of my sketches. It was a difficult pose (I'd missed the morning session of short poses) and I just couldn't get the proportions and angles right. I did masses of sketches.

so I tried his head:

and moved behind, but still couldn't catch it:

I did notice that from behind he had a nice curvy thing going on with his arse.

I also spotted a poster for my favourite live band, doing a gig, right here, right soon:

11:34 p.m. - 15.11.12


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