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Bus queues

YD posted this on her fb page today:

My interpretation of how the decorating is going:

which fills me with happiness somehow. Her Bf has MS and needs lots of rest, whereas she's both frail and demanding, which they manage with love and humour. She's captured her own grumpy face to perfection.

I didn't make it to the art club, though it felt like a near miss, rather than a wild, fantastical, over-estimation of my ability to present myself to strangers. Which is progress.

Instead I went out with my phone, trying to get a really good pic for today's topic of 'people'. I was a bit too twitchy to be as patient as I'd like to be in future, plus I can't see how sharp/blurred or horizontal/wonky they are on my phone, but I think this is a subject I shall bear in mind when I'm out and about. There's a great pic of a queue at a bus-stop with my name on it. These were the best today:

I'll try and remember to keep a look out on Saturday when there's a different demographic.

While I was in town I managed to go into my mobile provider's shop (I cannot name them for shame, but in my defense, I had my contract before I knew what a bunch of tax-avoiding bastards they were and they're the only one with a decent signal round here, the fuckers), where a very pleasant (tax-paying), employee found me a deal where I pay a bit less each month, with three free months first, plus have a whole load of internet access. He kept trying to explain how much internet I'd be paying for, but never hit on anything that meant anything to me. I want to use it in a way that enhances my life, which doesn't mean taking my computer with me when I leave the house, so no, not emails, not you-tube, certainly not films or tv. I'm thinking GPS, so I can get back into that geo-caching, but he had no idea how much that would use, so I guess I'll find out.

Desperation has also led me to making yet another optician's appointment. I can't believe how I've let myself carry on for so long - I suddenly remembered when I got my first pair of specs, aged 32, and the world slid into focus. I had so much more energy when I wasn't straining my eyes all the time - I must be fucking mental to have let it drag me down so far. Ah well, Saturday at 2.

Also the dentist, but not till Monday week. A filling has fallen out of one of my wisdom teeth, leaving a big, inaccessible hole which fills up with food in a most disgusting fashion. I have to swill water around after everything I eat and it's very sensitive to that. Nasty.

Had a go at painting a bit of the garden:

I annoy myself with my drawing of plants. I love leaves, they're my favourite part of plants - I'd choose a garden of all leaves over all flowers any day of the week - and I love artists who draw particular species of plant rather than just a mass of green, but I just can't do it, because I always work so quickly and impulsively. Ha ha, as I wrote that down it occurred to me to choose one plant at a time and draw one or two leaves carefully (-ish). See how nice it is to blog and to find solutions?

And so to bed.

Grateful for: a day of creativity and efficiency; a funny daughter; another morning with no nightmare; my mouth-guard; friends, both physical and digital

Sleep well xxx

12:02 a.m. - 26.10.12


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