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Well, darlings, I have had the most fabulous weekend. Still am having, in fact. Miles Davis doing his thang on the stereo; writing my blog; all good.

This was great on Friday - there's a big political/judicial enquiry (Leveson), going on into press ethics, which some of us are glued to - all sorts of dodgy, powerful bastards having to account for their actions. I don't know how it started, but on Friday there was an outburst on Twitter of people interrogating pop lyrics in the style of the court, some of which did indeed make me laugh out loud:

‎"You may call it 'sexual healing', Dr Gaye, but I contend that some would consider it 'serious medical malpractice'." #popleveson

"You continue to blame it on the boogie, Mr Jackson. But evidence suggests that sunshine, moonlight & good times played a part" #popleveson

#popleveson "Mr Joel you were clearly seen in the area holding a jerrycan at the time of the fire yet you maintain that you didn't start it?"

Silly, but cheered me up no end after all the gloom and corruption.

Also on Friday, little MK cleaned my house from top to bottom. I paid her, but it was and still is marvellous. What with the dust from the fire I was starting to feel like like Miss Haversham, setting off a cloud of filth every time I made a step.

Yesterday MH and I had a wander round the festival Open Houses nearest to my place (anyone can pay fifty quid to be included in the brochure and display art for sale). I love this - I'm very nosy so getting a look in people's homes is great on its own, but with art as well it's brilliant. There was some fabulously good work (a guy very influenced by Turner- awesome) and some fabulously not good. We went into swanky listed buildings, grubby flats and a derelict basement where the late afternoon light was beautiful:

In the evening I got stoned and watched Britain's Got Talent which was won by a dog. Quite a good dog. Oh, all right, I'll find a clip.

Bloke came round today and uploaded his pics of YD's birthday party, of which my favourite is this of me and my kids' dad, enjoying each other's company, like we do:

Hahaha - just makes me laugh to look at our faces. (Easily pleased? Moi?)

Today we did the garden, planting loads of stuff and shifting it all around. I'm trying not to hate the decking and the fencing, but it is very grey and looks better in the 'before' photo, with sun:

than in any of the 'after' ones, but I'll have a go again tomorrow morning:

and I did a bit more painting, of the fireplace:

and of the view from the front window. I got the death with all the creamy yellow by then so added a bit of purple to the walls - I do tend to forget that I can do what I like:

My acrylics course starts tomorrow evening - can't wait.

I can't believe that I've managed to segue from knotted up terror into such a sense of contentment, but I have and I've truly appreciated it. A few good friends, a bit of art, a bit of gardening. A great weekend.

Hope yours was good too. Sweet dreams xx

9:52 p.m. - 13.05.12


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