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Hmm. Just got my PC set up at a desk I bought in a junk shop yesterday. Nice to have the PC, but as soon as I sat down I realised I need to stretch my legs out - I've squeezed them in between the printer and the other bit but it'll all have to be moved. Not all bad - the keyboard is at a much better height - I think I'm almost sorted for a work space.

Had a session with R today - it's not even counselling half the time, like now, it's more damage limitation. Whatever you call it, it resulted in a binge of self-indulgence. I ordered three novels for my kindle, all of which have been published and delivered in the last few minutes. Jan 5th seems to be some kind of special day - there are loads of books out today - the kind you want to read, as opposed to the Christmas shite which seems to be for giving to people you don't know and/or don't like.

I bought myself an ultra-warm, down coat, that comes way down past my arse and is very unflattering and ungroovy, but snug enough to make me want to go out in the cold, just to be able to wear it.

Then on to a huge charity furniture store, where I found a big red rug for 30. Sweet. I don't like bare floorboards, not everywhere, not in my sitting room at all, and I'm so pleased I thought of going to this place as I'd have had to pay hundreds for even a nasty new one as big as I wanted. This isn't great, but it's OK.

Next stop was C**** (they'll get no advertising from me, the fuckers), where I picked up a Wifi radio for the kitchen and finally to Asda for a big tall floor light with a white paper shade.

That's me, sorted. Bloke had agreed to come and set up the PC, so he helped me shift things round as well and I cooked dinner. Man, such a relief to have a radio on as I cooked. I can't believe this really is a radio blackspot for both 'normal' and DAB - it's a fucking city centre - but now I don't care. I think I need the surface part of my brain to be occupied while my hands get on with preparing the food - I was dead mellow in my sweet kitchen this evening and the chicken thing that emerged was delicious.

So now I'm all set up for four days of proper rest, of my body at least, before I go up to ED's on Monday to demand an assessment of her medication at her neurologist's appointment. I need to prepare for this as my brain is scattered and currently unable to stay focussed on complex issues for long enough to make sense of them. Ah well.

On the plus side, I overpaid the gas provider to the tune of over 400 at the last place, which financed today's little spending spree. I'm liking sitting in my desk chair and having a big computer screen after weeks on my tiny laptop/notebook thing, and I'm even more liking having the floorboards covered with a soft rug. Dragging the Christmas tree through town, wrapped in my snuggly, duvet-like coat, with only my face exposed to the icy wind, was exhilarating. The recycling place was in one of the really old squares off the coast road, in the full force of the wind, with the stormy sea crashing onto the beach across the road. Cool.

Sweet dreams xx

12:43 a.m. - 05.01.12


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