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Mainly moving still

OK. The plan is, in bed by midnight, and take TWO sleeping pills. The problem is the bed has vanished under a mountain of folders and there's nowhere on the floor left to put them. I'll probably sleep on the sofa. Will I? Sigh. Would much rather be in my bed, but have put off clearing it for the last three hours, so seems unlikely now.

I am winning. Today I discovered that none of the charities I could think of that deal in furniture can fetch mine this week, so I put it on freecycle. Fucking hell. My inbox filled up within minutes. Soon realised that people thought I was giving away an Ikea sofa, rather than just the covers, so had to change that, which slowed it down a bit, then hotmail went stupid and I just left it and got on with shifting boxes. People are booked to come for each item tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Five boxes of books, three bags of clothing, one box of games and picture frames to Amnesty International and British Heart Foundation. Cool.

One cheap, crappy wardrobe, in pieces, in the boot of my car, ready for tipping tomorrow.

Two days before the packers come and all I have to do is go through all the folders of papers in my room and take loads of it to the tip, then have a tidy round. Oh, and empty the corner bookcase ready for collection at 5. Very do-able.

In amongst the moving, two good things happened. I had my pre-booked phone call with the writing mentor - who will be WM, because yes, we are going to work together! Probably on my 'Mice and Men' based novel. It's exciting to have made a commitment to it. I liked how our first contact went. It felt open and easy; she wasn't trying to hustle me into a decision about using her services, nor giving me the hard sell.

Bloody hell. Writing that last phrase made me remember there was an email about freecycle rules and etiquette which I hadn't read when I signed up because I was in such a hurry. I went back to check it out and spotted 'Be safe - don't arrange for someone you don't know to come to your house at night when you are alone.' Which is exactly what I've done. Men. People with vans tend to be working during the day, and neither an Ikea Billy corner bookcase, nor a big chest of drawers will fit in your average car. Now I feel anxious about it.

I shall ask K to come and be with me. Bloke has a full day of work, and K and I are developing our friendship very nicely now we've got started. He came up today, after I'd stopped 'work' - that was the other good thing that happened. He was after a bit of herb for some self-medication and we got straight into a big conversation about gender politics, being recoverers (I met him at a kind of group therapy), and writing. He writes too, and has completed a novel. We were both amazed to discover this about each other. It was so exciting - he has an interestingly different perspective, but is concerned with the same things and has been all his life. Lived with radical feminists during the late 70s/ early 80s, experienced the arrival of AIDS at very close quarters, and more. We have plans to do things together. Fab.

Anyway, all good, five minutes till my designated bedtime so off I go.

Grateful for: Everything, for being a person blessed with good fortune at crucial moments.

Sleep well, dear peeps xxx

10:44 p.m. - 06.12.11


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