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1. Tuesday. At ED's.

  • Spent hours on the phone dealing with various agencies, social services and the like, ensuring that everyone involved knows about ED's memory problems and follows up each phone call with either an email or a letter.
  • Took ED into Newtown, a fucking abomination of a place, especially on a stormy, dark afternoon. She needed a decent winter coat and some warm underwear to be able to go out and about whatever the weather. Run-down mall, full of fluorescent posters shouting 70% off. Everything slightly sloping, so always either pushing the chair or holding tight to stop it rolling away. ED wanting to change her phone from pay as you go to contract and getting sucked into upgrading to a Blackberry by a real hard sell. Took an hour during which I fretted about whether or not to intervene, but didn't.
  • Keeled over. Almost. Had to get food and sit down. BK. Fight between two women. Horrid.
  • Rain. Sudden and torrential. No dry clothes so had to change into pyjamas.
  • Lack of nicotine biting as whole day spent indoors, apart from mad dashes here and there. Hard to smoke while pushing wheelchair.
  • Daughter enjoyed rain and walked from car to front door, holding onto wall, rather than push chair round to back of house. Exhilarated (her not me).
  • Cooked dinner, with help of C, Grandson's 10 yr old mate who loves assisting ED or me.
  • Planned menu for ED's family till Sunday, when SIL is due to plan the next week.
  • Keeled over big time. Slept like a log until

    2. Wednesday.

  • Kids off school due to public sector workers strike, biggest since 1926.
  • Explained new system of diary-use to morning carer, who deserves an entry all to herself. Migrant worker, shocking tale. It gives me great relief to see how these women have come to genuinely care for ED, not out of sympathy for her circumstances - everyone they see is in the shit one way or another - but because she is bright and funny and kind and interested in them. I still think one of them stole her Ugg boots, but choose to believe it was one who passed through, as alternative is too depressing.
  • ED started going through the material she'd been given on depression and became distressed. Pep talk, at ninety miles an hour as desperate to leave to make my acupuncture session.
  • Drove home, accident on motorway, crawling along, then all fucked up here as well due to combination of roadworks and marches by striking workers. Half hour late for appointment, but she just ushered me in, calmed me down, stuck pins in me then drifted into a rant about some vile thing someone had said to her daughter.
  • Came home at last to freezing house and anxious cat.
  • J came up for cuppa, also on big tearful rant about being bullied by her daughter.
  • Phoned Bloke, who also had massive rant about his bad day.
  • Rolled big spliff and watched last episode of 'My Transsexual Summer' - uplifting and heart-warming
  • Opened post and discovered I'm due a benefits assessment - not good news, at all. Cost-cutting exercise that has resulted in terminally ill people being declared fit for work.
  • Phone call from new tenants of this place - they want to buy my furniture. Haven't heard from Women's Aid so will sell them what they want. Coming round tomorrow.
  • Watched a lot of telly, to try and stop the panic about moving in ten days time.
  • The internet finally came on. Hurrah.
  • Blogged.
  • That's all. Had a curry delivered for dinner - kept away from sprout-laden mixed veg, all good.
  • Grateful for: central heating; kindness; strikers; my own dear bed waiting for me; my darling daughter

    Sleep well, dear peeps xxx

    11:12 p.m. - 30.11.11


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