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Today was definitely A Good Day, in the life and times of me. Things I achieved:

1. I asserted myself with Elder Daughter who wanted to come and visit me this weekend with her friend K (who has just discovered her husband has been unfaithful), and her two young boys. We have been here before and it was hideous for both me and ED. K and her husband have been together since they were fourteen, which either means they're solid and this'll be lived through, or he's had enough. Last time she came down with her kids and ED, she was upset about something that was actually sorted out as soon as she went home. She spent the whole time crying to ED, ignoring her boys who became increasingly attention seeking. Periodically she'd notice their behaviour, snap at them, realise what they were going through, apologise to them, me, and ED, then become consumed with guilt at being a bad mother and start crying again. I'm not passing any judgement on her - she's a darling woman, but it's all too much for me. I end up as chief cook, tidier-up (have to when ED's there as she needs a clear path), dish-washer and child entertainer - the only time I spend with my daughter is hijacked by every conversation leading back to K's bloody husband. Both ED and I emerged shell-shocked and annoyed after two days of it last time, and now we'd have to factor a commode in as well. No. I'm building up to moving house here and am conserving my energy.

2. I spent a lot of the day lying in my bed, chatting on the phone to son and various daughters and letting agents. They've started calling me, though not with anything I'm excited about. I've been encouraged by all and sundry to believe that the right place will turn up and I do feel optimistic again. Excellent resting today.

3. I went for a walk with my camera, in search of the perfect local street scene to paint. It doesn't exist, and I finally grasped that I can make one up with bits of different photos. This constitutes a major development for me. Having tried it today, I want to go out again tomorrow and take slightly different pics - I want a pub on the corner and some details of what's on the pavement - you can't see because there are cars parked on both sides of the roads, nose to tail, but there's stuff everywhere and I want to try and make it a bit more specific. Anyway, Bob enjoyed it:

It was only when I looked at that photo on the PC that I noticed two presents from diarylanders that I use all the time. My pencil case was a gift from vicunja and I keep my hash in that little wooden box (just poking into the bottom of the pic) that tstough gave me when we met in London, with dear stepfordtart. I love diaryland.

This is the 'finished' painting:

and I'd like to say in my defence that I was very patient with the background and am quite pleased with that, but am generally over the moon at having made something of my own. I might try the one tomorrow in gouache.

Grateful for: A roof over my head and a few quid in the bank; my children; long chat with Sis this evening; a peaceful day; my pot of chicken and veg soup was truly delicious on its second day today and I had enough to freeze three more servings of it - very pleasing

Sweet dreams xx

12:32 a.m. - 03.11.11


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