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Aw man, I've got a flat to see tomorrow and I really can't be arsed because it hasn't got a garden. But it's a good price, ground floor and with 'a view over a nice garden at the back' which means Bob will be able to get in and out. I wish we used floor space (in square yards or metres), here like they do in most countries in property transactions, but we don't. Probably because we have less per person than just about anybody. I ask how big it is and the agent says 'large' and won't be drawn further, so I have to go and look. He says there's a big kitchen, though god knows what that means - neither of the ones I've seen so far were half as big as the one I have at the moment and that's too small for a single fucking chair. In the end I think it would be the loss of space that would have the biggest negative impact, but now I'm worrying about Bob and a busy road out front. Some of the houses on this road are terraced but some are semi-detached.

It was good going for a day and a half without internet access, especially when combined with the day of 5 Rhythms and general hippy workshops that I did on Sunday. That took place right over the other side of London - Jesus, you couldn't have a greater contrast. Younger Daughter lives in a run down, cheap, rough, skanky area where people are crammed in right next to and on top of each other; the workshop was in a part of town that had been built centuries ago for the idle rich and they still live expansively in its golden stone mansions. Nothing in the (very elegant) shop windows had a price on - darling, if you have to ask, you clearly can't afford it. Everything oozed calm and comfort and beauty, but I restrained my revolutionary fervour in the name of having a day of nourishment for body and soul.(I realise I haven't written about the Occupy protests - the one here might get nasty, what with the Olympics, but the eyes of the world are on us, I hope, so who knows? Interesting times.)

Dancing and singing all day was blissful. We drifted into an altered state, me and my pal MG, and her pal J, and bloody lovely it was too, if somewhat difficult to convey. I still feel a deep sense of relaxation beyond the surface stress of the house and the daughters and all that unavoidable muddle of life. (My son in law has behaved like an unspeakable cunt over Daughter's increased mobility, crushing her spirit yet again.) Moving my body and using my voice in a safe place with nice music, where everyone was kindly disposed but not really interested, for four sessions over the course of the day nourished parts of me that sorely needed it. We started with an invitation to move around the room to this:

Early night now, to be up and out to view the flat.

Grateful for: seeing Bert back again (*waves*); email from cousin - we're planning a meet; spending time with MG without any children and being able to have long, long chats that got right into it; being able to not tidy up when I can't be arsed and nobody else being affected; only being pleasantly knackered after busy weekend

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