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Living in the city

Wrote this on Saturday night:

One hour thirty five minutes of battery and no internet. I’m at Younger Daughter’s – her new place since she moved out of ‘supported accomodation’ and in with her boyfriend. It’s a basement, on a busy road in east London and I’ve been given a whole room to sleep in at the front. It sounds like the telly out there, honestly. Sirens and shouting then little lulls till it all starts up again. The boyfriend reassured me that there are bars on the windows, which was kind of scary in itself, but it just feels exciting. There’s a big venue about 100 yards away, where a heavy metal tribute band has just started up – could be Wishbone Ash – that kind of thing, sounds a bit familiar – Uriah Heep? – a band I used to hear but never was into that much. Lots of loose, sloppy cheering. Good natured so far.

We spent the day in a hotel restaurant which had been commandeered by the w o m e n and ms group, with Elder Daughter, grandson and Bloke, next door to the British Library, which I've always yearned to go in but couldn't remember exactly what for so didn't. I loved this statue outside though, massive and solid and about thinking, brilliant:

Tomorrow I’m going to a five rhythms day – big dance/meditation stuff, with MG – it’s all very hectic for a person used to a bit of pottering and a lot of telly.

ED had a fabulous day – she just blossomed once amongst her peers, man it was heart-breaking to watch. She’s great though, my girl. She didn’t waste a second on shyness – this was her afternoon with the gang whose motto for coping with MS is ‘Chin Up, Tits Out’, (which isn’t to say they deny the awfulness of MS, but they have a laugh and piss about as well). Grandson wasn’t getting involved with the other kids as they were either frilly girls under the age of ten, or teenage ‘big boys’. So he and YD played games about the place, like ‘spot the cupcake’.

The boyfriend has MS too (don’t even wonder what my take on that is, as I don’t know) , and this was the first time any of us had met him, so there was a lot going on. I like him so far – we’ve spent the evening here and he’s easy company, funny, interesting, a sculptor, which is a good start. It’s all been very quick which can go either way, but right now she’s happy and safe and for that I am content.

My problem is that I have no idea where the workshop is tomorrow and I can’t get on the internet and MG never turns her phone on. I assumed I’d be able to get online and read the email with the details and I don’t know anyone who’d be at home and awake at midnight on a Saturday that I can call to look it up for me. I need to be there by ten and it’s north London somewhere – Little Venice (a car is stopped in the traffic outside blasting heavy reggae loud enough to drown out the tribiute band) and the clocks go back tonight, which confuses things further as we only have the time on computers and mobile phones and none of us can remember for sure if they reset themselves.

I’m going to sleep now and will call Bloke first thing and ask him to look it up. Feel anxious about it, which is annoying as I’d like to just contemplate the day I’ve had and the one I’m looking forward to, rather than fretting about whether or not I’ll get there before lunch

2:14 p.m. - 31.10.11


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