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We shall overcome

Half watching Downton Abbey, which would be much better if they'd just picked a couple of aspects of WWI to illustrate via the Abbey's inhabitants (both upstairs and downstairs), and not tried to cram everything in. It's all getting a bit Eastenders.

I just read through this new blog of mine (this one you're reading, not another secret one) - it's only been going since Sept, so there's not much, but fucking hell - I am seriously mental. I need to give myself a week lying comatose on the sofa watching shite telly. Or maybe The Wire again, from beginning to end. There's been FAR too much 'I'll just do this, then have a rest afterwards.' Because I CAN manage to do stuff, but completing one minor objective in a day leaves me flat out. Or having two conversations about someone else's problems. I can do two, but after that my brain switiches off, going 'lalalalalala - not listening - can't hear you - system overloaded.' That's the worst part, actually.

Ah well. It was a good weekend. Went to a comedy gig on Friday with MH and Bloke and laughed out loud a lot, especially at the group of three teenagers in front of us who were gaspingly, gigglingly shocked at a lot of the material and the language.

Son arrived late Friday night, slept over and woke me up by bringing me coffee in bed. Lush. Had a day of mooching about with him before he went off to meet his NA guy. He's doing fine on the law course, loves it, is hungry for it and is putting into practice everything he's learned the hard way about keeping things steady. Like seeing his NA guy and his Ma once a fortnight.

Came home to discover that there were protests in 950 cities in 82 countries around the world saying exactly what I've been saying for YEARS - it's the mega-rich versus the rest of us and we ain't gonna take it no more. No idea where it will go - we still don't know what we're FOR, other than an end to this syphoning of the planet's resources and wealth into the hands of an increasingly small elite. But thrilling and exciting stuff, happening in our world, right now.

Today MH came round after some army fitness boot camp malarkey she's been doing in the park, and I made brunch. That was when weariness defeated me, after she left. I managed to get out and move my car off the double yellow lines, but not before I'd got another bloody parking ticket. I think that makes five since I've lived here, at thirty quid a pop.

Drawings. Last night - what I could see from my sofa - footstool full of stuff:

Ditto tonight, but after a big spliff and decision to stop trying so hard:

I notice that in the intervening hours I've picked up the baccy pouch, one of the shells has fallen off (the only one I could draw), I'm wearing the hair clip (I did cooking) and there's a different (but identical) coffee cup at a slightly different angle.

Then I moved it aside to draw my new slippers - worn for the first time today, a week since purchase:

Grateful for: having lived in this nice little house for four years (maybe five); having achieved some kind of basic tidiness and done nearly all the backlog of washing, including putting it away; Bloke coming round and trying to mend the airbed; the occupiers, sleeping in tents for us all; my digital camera.

Sweet dreams xx

12:51 a.m. - 17.10.11


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