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Where on the stair? Right there!

Things I forget about being up here at ED's:

1) They all go to bed so fucking early - 9.30 and it's just me and the fat ginger cat.
2) that I should ask them how the Sky+ remote works before they go to bed

Things I remembered:

1) That I don't know how the remote works so I'm sticking to up and down channels rather than trying any clever stuff and getting stuck with weird shit that I can't get rid off. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks, eh? Knowing what you don't know is always handy.
2)They don't buy veg - I brought some runner beans and purple sprouting broccoli for dinner. ED told me she'd got the makings of cottage pie, but when I got here I discovered that amounted to some onions and a defrosted pack of minced pork. I found some frozen mushrooms in the freezer which I added along with a can of haricot beans and a big handful of fresh sage from the garden, but it was pretty nasty. I'd have done better letting go of the idea of cottage pie (or pig-sty pie as Grandson and I named it) and heading off somewhere else, but too late now.

St0p Press - the aforementioned fat ginger cat just burst through the cat flap with a live mouse and dropped it on the floor - eeek!! It seems my feminism is merely intellectual when it comes to undomesticated rodents. Instinct took over - I'd woken up SIL and locked myself in the bathroom before you could even say gender stereotype. In my defence I am sleeping on an airbed on the floor in an open-plan space. Is that a defence?

SIL captured it under a glass dish and it was quite a sweet little thing once it had stopped darting erratically about. He took it outside and we all settled back down, except I tried to rewind the programme I was half watching (yeah, Big Brother), because that is one of the features of Sky plus, but pressed the wrong button and ended up with a fuzzy picture of something I saw last week AND NONE OF THE BUTTONS MAKE IT GO AWAY. How can this be? I got up off my airbed and turned it off at the wall. Fucking TV. Fucking Murdoch. He/sky has bought Series 3 of Glee, so you can't watch it unless you fork out a fortune for his crappy channels which I WILL NOT DO. I am so glad he's getting his comeuppance.

We had a good afternoon, picking GS up from school and larking about in town. He likes pushing the wheelchair as if they're in a race, and she just loves it, careering round over the cobbled pavements, shrieking with laughter. A tonic for us all, if not for the population of Xtown. GS is tons more cheerful since he's been back at school, poor little mite.

It's much better being here with them than down there worrying about them.

Grateful for: A mouse-free room to sleep in; an easy drive up here; Bloke to feed the bobcat while I'm gone; having a late night laugh with SIL - at my expense, but a laugh's a laugh; ED being my daughter.

Sweet dreams xxx

10:05 p.m. - 15.09.11


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